Executive Summary

CrossFit Livewire currently operates in Great Lakes Health & Fitness in Coldwater, MI. CrossFit Livewire offers foundational classes for on-boarding members and a variety of class times through the day including early morning, mid day, and evening classes. Movements programed for the classes range from complex Olympic lifting movements such as the Snatch and Clean & Jerk all the way to the most simplistic movements such as push-ups and sit-ups. CrossFit Livewire targets an extremely wide ranged demographic which spans from high school students to elderly individuals, professionals within the community and elite athletes.

Company Information

CrossFit Livewire is a group of highly educated, heavily experienced personal trainers. Each coach began their journey as a CrossFit athlete and as their knowledge and passion grew, they all became coaches and leaders within the box. Each of the CrossFit coaches and their families reside right here in Branch County and are actively participating in the community.