Corey Parker, Owner

Corey Parker, Owner

When my beautiful wife was 7 months pregnant with our first and only child, I took a hard look at my life. I thought I had it all figured out. I was the life of the party, or at least I thought I was. As I look back on it now, I relied on alcohol and tobacco (in one form or another). Everything I did would include a drink or a smoke or a chew and that was life as I created it. Growing up, my parents never smoked and rarely drank. I quickly realized that I wanted to provide my daughter with the same safe, stable, loving home that I was given. Thanks to a wonderful friend, I was introduced to CrossFit. She had me come in to “try it out” a couple times. It was the most horrible, excruciating pain/torture I’d ever been through at the gym. I hated every second of it, but I loved the idea that this could be my escape from my negative lifestyle. I saw the way everyone welcomed the hurt as if it was their “drink” or their “smoke.” The idea that I would be able to replace my previous lifestyle was so intriguing that I stuck it out and eventually, I too yearned for the aches and pains that were to come.

I’m so excited that I had a regular biometric screening on record and continued these check ups every 6 months. Not only do I feel better, fit in my clothes better, get stronger, more confident in myself, and become a better dad, husband, and person in general, I also have proof that CrossFit has also changed me on the inside. These health assessment statistics are a comparison between now and a month before I started CrossFit in October 2010.

  • I have lost 60 pounds.
  • My BMI went from 32.1%(Obese) to 26.2%
  • My resting heart rate has decreased dramatically
  • My lean body mass has decreased by 14 lbs.
  • My Body Fat has decreased by 46 lbs.
  • My percent of Body fat has decreased from 23% to 10%
  • My total cholesterol has dropped by 4 while my HDL has increased by 19.
  • My glucose level has dropped by 29 points.

After seeing this amazing transformation first hand, I realized that this is a life-long journey. I’ve also seen similar transformations in others. I found that not only was I passionate about staying fit, but I love leading others in search of similar results. I became a CrossFit Certified coach in 2011 and now own and manage CrossFit Livewire. When something is this great, you do whatever it takes to build it up and touch as many lives as possible.