Get Started

Joining a gym is not easy. But we think our options below are the best around. As always, if you are unsure or would like to try it out, contact Coach Corey ( Take a glance at the three main options below. The image links take you directly to the Livewire Store where you can purchase your passes online.

3-Day PassExactly what it sounds like. This offers membership for CrossFit classes any three days of the week. Use the Schedule to determine which class offerings fit your day and come back here and buy your 3-Day Pass.

The Punch PassIt is the Unlimited pass with a quota. The CrossFit Livewire Punch pass allows users to purchase a pass admitting them to 10 of visits. Workouts you attend will receive one punch each and you have the maximum flexibility for creating your schedule. See our Schedule to make your schedule.

Livewire UnlimitedUnlimited CrossFit provides full access to any classes, any time, any day of the week. This maximum benefit membership pass gives you all that CrossFit Livewire can provide with none of the excuses. We dare you.